Guru and Visionary
In the Virtuoso’s own words…

Just as birds instinctively react to nature by chirping or bursting into song, we too are deeply connected with the natural ambiance around us. Every individual has a natural musical instinct, which, if given the opportunity, is expressed in unique ways and to different degrees. Music, especially Hindustani Classical Music, with its close association with nature and virtually infinite creative and meditative potential, has the capacity to impact everyone’s life to an unfathomable depth. Through CICMH and the Saadhana Pariwar, the horizons of this timeless musical treasure are opened up to people, so that they can recognize and become more aware of the musicality within themselves.

I strive to break the age-old preconceived notion that this music is reserved for the “gifted” or “elite”. I encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to make an everlasting bond with the beauty and aesthetics of the raagas, be it as an active learner, a connoisseur, or even an uninitiated listener. Beyond an individual’s own musical growth and related enjoyment, such bonding helps broaden people’s approach towards life into a holistic one, by encouraging them to look inward within their own existence, and feel it, perhaps for the first time ever. Such fulfillment can and should happen without drawing any comparison or competing with any other person on the same path, in terms of insight, ability, progress or accomplishment. The resulting appreciation, enjoyment, contentment and enlightenment that this kind of awareness brings, is unparalleled. The deeper this awareness, the more the peace of mind, self-confidence, stability and true sense of accomplishment it brings. It gives me immense satisfaction when I see someone, who could not connect to this music at all, turn into a music aficionado through this process.

Fortunate are those, who themselves render or learn to render this music. Hindustani Classical Music is, perhaps, one of the simplest spiritual paths that help one feel the presence of the Supreme, deep within oneself, and around. Even a casual listener of Hindustani Classical Music can feel the resulting tranquility, serenity and peace. I firmly believe that, when I accept somebody as a disciple; it happens not by choice, but by the Divine scheme of things. It is the assignment from the Almighty for me as the Guru to hold the hands of those who come to me with genuine craving for this music, help them take the plunge into this ocean of happiness, and help them perceive everything and everybody in this world with love, compassion, patience and positivity in this lifetime and beyond – through the traditional path of Hindustani Classical Music.


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