The Sculptors

Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh

panditjnanprakashghoshTrue to the meaning of his name, Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh Ji, under whom Pt. Suman Ghosh received intense training for more than a decade, illuminated (Prakash) his dear disciple’s musical path through the most holistic knowledge (Jnan) of Hindustani music. The legendary Guru, who passed away in 1997, is considered to be one of the all-time greats in this field, and was a multi-dimensional personality in one body & soul – a creative genius, an intellectual of the highest order, a thinker par excellence, an ace linguist, a reformer, a brilliant academician, a mystic – to name a few! It would often take years for his disciples to realize the true depth of some of the sentences uttered by him as the Guru/mentor. Pandit Suman Ghosh owes his musicality, musical outlook and vision to this Guru of his to a great extent, and feels his “Jnan-babu Guru Ji’s” blessings and presence at every step in his musical journey.

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